Bird photography in Estonia

Bird photography in Estonia


Bird photography in Estonia

There is so much information how to photograph birds in technical manner but not so much how to get close to birds. You can know how to use your camera and put it in correct settings. To get close to birds is other story and probably harder than to learn settings.

Bird photography in Estonia


To get close to birds you have to spend hours outside to learn habitats. After that you have to hope good light in that area where the birds are and thirdly there is always the luck involved.

Bird photography in Estonia

So I am not going to say here that bird photography in Estonia is easy. Despite of that We here can provide for you the easiest way to get close to the birds and photograph them. We have done the prework and have learned where the birds are and when to come for bird photography in Estonia. If I write bird habitats than this mean that this can change also every year, so we have to do every year again and again.

Bird Watching In Estonia-Ural Owl

What bird photography opportunities we have here in Estonia?

Mainly we have 3 different ways.

White-tailed Eagle Photography in Estonia

There are floating hides for bird photography.

Then we have also other hides, which are pop-up tents. Wooden hides for Eagles and other forest birds photography.

Third way is that we walk and wait in some areas where we know that the birds are around and just try to communicate with them and make friends with them and make good photos of the birds. We will make for you bird photography in Estonia possible. 

bird photography in Estonia

Photos and text copy right Eleri Lopp-Valdma

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