Photographing the White-tailed Eagle in Estonia


From the end of November until mid-March we offer the opportunity to photograph the White-tailed Eagle from a comfortable hide.

Photographing the White-tailed Eagle in Estonia

The hide is positioned so that it is possible to get wonderful pictures with excellent background and other natural factors. The closest background is the forest that is ca. 350 meters away which means that the background will not be in the picture (this depends also of course on the lens used). The eagles have a sitting tree that is ca. 35 meters from the hide. The double hide tent includes a dry toilet and comfortable seats with rotating backs. Suitable lenses start from 300mm for full frame, it also depends on what situation is photographed. The hide has the video head Manfrotto 501 HD. The video heads are attached to the construction which means that the tripod itself is not necessary.

It is a good idea not to move the lens too actively when the sun starts rising because movement catches the eye. The crows are usually brave but the eagle might just wait in trees nearby. It is well worth letting the first bird to eat the bait so that the others could see that everything is OK. Candles can be lit when the sun starts rising and they should be burnt also just to keep warm. New candles can also be added to keep the warm inside. Candles shouldn’t be lit too early because the light can show from lookout part either through the window or through the lens.

What comes in handy at the hide is a good mood that does not change if the eagle does not appear due to reasons beyond our control. It has to be taken into account that the eagle might not appear at all, even if we stay positive. It might appear at any random moment between sunrise and sunset. If it seems that nothing is going on, it still pays off to be silent because the eagle might wait on branches near the hide and think about when to come to eat. Also fox might come to the feeding place. A bit further across the stream there is the eagles’ sitting tree which is worth keeping an eye on. And it is also a good idea to observe the surrounding field because deer and roe visit it, sometimes also an elk.