Moose watching


Moose watching and photography

The population of moose in Estonia is approximately 12 000, so a moose is not a very uncommon sight in Estonian nature, if one knows where to look – and what to look for.

Those who wish to photograph  moose, should know – they can  behave in quite unexpected ways, i.e. like big puppies with antlers, and not only during mating period. When the weather gets hot, moose seek relief in water. They are very good when it comes to swimming. And the relief, indeed, gives back all the energy that the heat has taken away. After just another hot day, I ended up facing a young bull who was enjoying the coolness of water in a ditch. It was a cheerful boy with small antler knobs covered with velvet – a sign of springtime – and no „bell“ dangling from his throat yet. The size of antlers depends on the age of the bull and the diet. Older bulls lose their antlers usually in November, younger ones can also do it in March.

Autumn is the time when deer and moose can be seen most often. In September, when the first colds arrive, moose start holding their wedding party. The need to find a mate makes them move around more and in a wider area. We invite also you to observe and photograph all of this.

All participants are taken to the observation area and back using means of transport meant specially for meadows. We get there definitely before the nightfall hoping to see the animals already then. In a more crispy morning one can hear huffing and puffing from the moose territory. Skilfully mimicking this sound might help you attract some lovesick male moose quite close to you. But it is better to remain unnoticed by the moose and to observe them quietly without disturbing them.

Moose can be found in countries with variously dense mixed forest – they live in forested areas with nearby lakes, bogs, swamps, streams etc.During winter, moose prefer to stay in drier areas. They could be often found in greatest numbers in places that have been disturbed by wildfire or forestry operations, because in such cases, light can penetrate to the forest floor, supporting the growth of young trees and shrubs. The young trees and shrubs, however, are moose’s favorites food without a doubt.

Moose photography is available almost all year around but some photographers say mating time is the best time. For sure if you want to photograph Bull Moose then mating time is the best or time before mating time, in October. When you want to photograph calves then spring is the best time because the moose cow neglects the old calves because the new babies are coming. Now before August is the best time to book a place in moose photography tour in Estonia.

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