Photographing the Black Grouse


The Grouse game can be photographed from the end of March until the first weeks of May. We invite also you to come witness and photograph this powerful spectacle. We have altogether two Black Grouse hides. One is set looking at the rising sun so that it would be possible to take photos in contra light and the other is meant for photographing with backlighting.

We set off to the Black Grouse hide from Kuressaare at about three o’clock in the morning, it takes about 30 minutes to get to the bog. There we will take a 15–20-minute walk to the hide tents. It is still dark when we get to the tents. After settling in at the hide, it is necessary to wait quietly. The first birds come to the area already before sunrise. No sudden movements should be made in the tent and coming out of the tent should most definitely be avoided. The Black Grouse are present in the observation area until about 7–8 in the morning.