Beaver Safari


Sometimes it is possible to see trees chewed to the shape of a sharpened pencil near some bodies of water, sometimes the grassland or grove near the river gets flooded in the middle of summer. Whose doing could it be? Are its teeth really as white as can be seen from the commercial? Come to Beaver Safari and you will find out.

Beavers start gathering for winter supplies in autumn and animals are active 24/7 which is why they are also more often sighted. Unfortunately the short period of daylight time is a disturbing factor in taking photographs at that time. The first ice gives autumn’s best time for photographing beavers. Then it is possible to see how they make holes in the ice using their head or how they make channels into ice through which they will transport their food supplies. At the end of February – beginning of March the beavers’ mating season begins and they start running low on winter supplies. They get more active and start marking their territories. It can be said that this is the best time to photograph beavers in the winter period or perhaps even in the whole year. Beaver safari is also available in April and May.