Bear photography


Best time for bear photography  May  –  June  and September and October.

On a bear photographytour we will hike to the habitat of the brown bear, get acquainted with their life and spend a night in bear photohide. For this, we drive to Alutaguse forest, the area richest in bears in Estonia, where there are good chances of seeing a bear.

The tour starts in the afternoon at the border of Lääne- and Ida-Viru county. First we study the habitat of the brown bear, look at scratched trees, footprints, bear droppings and other signs of their presence. We discuss the biology of bears, the circle of their year, their behaviour and of course tell also bear tales. Bear tales are told so much in that region that it can be even called as the bear culture of Alutaguse.

In the evening we go quietly to the bear photography hide that is 1 km from the road. We quietly take our positions and wait because the time for telling tales is now over. The bear’s senses are extremely acute and the fear of humans is so big that it will run away in panic in case of even the slightest disturbance. We have to be especially careful at the nightfall and during sunrise because then they are particularly active. We leave the hut at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Lux photo hide has four camera positions, two higher, two lower, a bunk bed and a dry toilet. There is room for three people or two photographers at the same time.

Small photohide is small, just for one person. There are three camera positions for three different directions.