Bear watching

DIFFICULTY: moderate

Estonia is the European mecca of untouched nature. The reason for visiting us does not lie only in bears but also in the amazing beauty of nature that you will experience during your trip. Estonia is smaller than its neighbours in its area but this gives the European nature observer an opportunity to see wild forests and animals in them within a small period of time. You won’t step out of the plane straight into the forest but you will be amidst the beauty of nature after just one hour long drive by car or by bus. Our bear watching offer is an ideal weekend vacation for city residents. It is an ideal opportunity to recharge your batteries for the beginning of a new working week. The excitement that bear watching offers makes you forget all the work and everyday problems that tend to burden us.

There are about 700 bears in our little Estonia (45,227 km2), about the same amount as in Finland which has a much bigger area (338,430.53 km2). So we have 3-5 times more bears per km2 than our neighbouring countries. There are about 200,000 brown bears in the whole world.


The best time for bear watching is in May and June


Brown Bears, other mammals, birds and general natural history


Easy, this holiday will involve regular but gentle countryside walks over generally easy terrain

Climate : Temperate climate rules here between the continental and maritime climate. Estonia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea, is in West-Europe at the same latitude with central Sweden and the northern tip of Scotland.


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