Butterfly photography in Estonia

Butterfly photography in Estonia Estonia is yet little known as a butterfly-photography destination. However, this does not mean that we have little to offer. Quick information about butterfly photography tours in Estonia visit www.estonianwildlifetours.com. Be the first among your acquaintances to boast to your friends and other butterfly enthusiasts about the magnificent communities of plants … Continue reading

Mammal photography in Estonia- Roe Deer !

The roe deer: 5 facts for roe deer photographers to remember Roe deer is one of the most common sights in Estonian wildlife. Of the subspecies of roe deer, only one can be found in Estonia – the European roe deer, capreolus capreolus. Those Estonians who have not encountered a roe deer herd feeding on … Continue reading

Planning for Nature Tours to Estonia

Planning for Nature Tours to Estonia If you’re planning to go to Estonia, it might be a good idea to sign up for a nature tour. Nature tours to Estonia are guaranteed to be interesting, as the biodiversity in the country makes it a famous naturist spot. Unusual animals like lynxes, minks, and flying squirrels … Continue reading

Brown Bear Photography in Estonia

“A curious bear scared a berrypicker”, “A curious bear emptied the alveary”, the Estonian newspapers report now and then. Why on Earth do we say “curious like a cat”? It is clearly – curious like a bear! If, regarding media coverage of bear-doings, this is not enough, we also have the Ruhnu bear – a … Continue reading

Moose photography in Estonia !

Moose photography in Estonia ! Moose, the largest member of the deer family, is regardless of its size sometimes still quite difficult to spot. So it happens, that the only thing drawing an observer’s attention, could be a sight of antlers from behind a bush. With a growing feeling of suspicion, I look closer, and… … Continue reading

Moorland Clouded Yellow can be seen in Estonian marshes

The Moorland Clouded Yellow can be seen in Estonian marshes, flower-studded edges of forests and on meadows from early June to mid-July. This butterfly is not rare. Another species from this genus—Pale Clouded Yellow (Colias hyale)—migrates to Estonia and specimens from its two generations can be encountered in June and from late July to early … Continue reading

When you can meet Clouded Apollo, Swallowtails, Organge Tip in Estonia?

Most of the butterflies in Estonia begin their activity in May to June. The exact time when they appear differs by year and depends greatly on the course of spring. So when exactly you can meet Clouded Apollo, Swallowtails, Organge Tip in Estonia? The family Swallowtails (Papilionidae) is represented in Estonia with three species of which … Continue reading

Spring butterflies in Estonia

In Estonia, spring arrives at different times in different years. There are years, when the first harbingers of spring—the butterflies—appear already at the beginning of March, while years, when spring arrives only during the last ten days of April are not rare either. Nevertheless, the middle of April should make butterfly enthusiasts happy about the … Continue reading

Northern winter moth and winter moth

Northern winter moth and winter moth In late October, it seems impossible that one could encounter Lepidoptera. However, there are species that begin their active life as an imago only after the arrival of the first frosts. Northern winter moth and winter moth— representatives of the geometer moth (Geometridae) family, winter moth (Operophtera) genus—are such … Continue reading

Hawk moths in Estonia

Let us get more closely acquainted with the largest, most massive and dynamic moths of Estonia—hawk moths, or more specifically Sphingidae. The Sphingidae can be recognised by their long narrow forewings, much smaller hind wings and massive body, which reminds one of a cigar. Their flight is fast and vigorous, it is characterised by hovering … Continue reading