Photo safari

Seal watching and photographing

Moose watching

Beaver Safari

Foto autor: MarkoKullapereElk/Moose.Foto:TõnuLingFoto:SvenZacek.Beaver

July and August provide excellent weather for Seal watching and photographing because … Continue reading

Moose watching and photography The population of moose in Estonia … Continue reading

Sometimes it is possible to see trees chewed to the … Continue reading

Photographing the Black Grouse

Photographing the Golden Eagle in South Estonia

Common Crane (grus grus)


The Grouse game can be photographed from the end of … Continue reading

There are many very good active Golden Eagle photo hides … Continue reading

From April to October Common Crane might be our most … Continue reading

Photographing the Pied Avocet

Photographing birds from a floating hide

Photographing the White-tailed Eagle

avocet.Foto:TõnuLingGrebe.Foto:TõnuLingFoto:SvenZacek.White-tailed Eagle

From May to June Few birds can match the Pied … Continue reading

Came photographing birds from a floating hide Unforgettable meetings with … Continue reading

From the end of November until mid-March we offer the … Continue reading

Bear photography


Best time for bear photography  May  –  June  and September and … Continue reading


Photographing from a photohide or observing

We offer the possibility to photograph different animals and birds from a photohide

The likelihood of seeing animals or birds from a photohide is very big, being close to 90%, but as people who are not strangers to nature know, nature can be unpredictable and noone providing similar service will give a 100% guarantee. But we can guarantee a 100% exciting and unforgettable experience.

Also take a look at our other offers on photographing wildlife e.g. bloodless hunt and photographing the wildlife together with a professional photographer.

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